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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;God can heal emotional messes

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Say What?

God can heal emotional messes

By Phillip M. Hazelwood

Friends are fickle. Family feelings change from time to time. Marriages are on and off, hot and cold. Humans have many emotions and feelings that change like the wind. Attitudes evolve and opinions vary and change from time to time, depending on the circumstances and events that take place.

Offenses come, feelings get hurt, and people get mad, sad and afraid. Friendships wane, folks stop talking and fellowshipping, divisions develop, love grows cold and turns into hate. Disappointments are never forgotten and forgiven and here we are, alone, sad and afraid, weak in faith, no joy, no laughter, no plans, no dreams, no future.

Well, there is a better way to live. Most folks are going to do just what they want to do without considering the consequences. Being friendly, showing kindness and respecting the feelings of others brings positive results. Being respectful is good medicine for both the giver and receiver. A day spent trying to meet the emotional needs of all whom we are in contact with makes for a night of contented restful sleep.

Once I took a couple hours just sitting and listening to a young black man telling me of all his troubles. After he got it all out; he told me with tears in his eyes, that he had lived all his life in that same town, (21 years) and that I was the only white man that had ever sat and talked with him. I will never forget that night and I am sure that he won't either.

God is love and love is an action. Love is also a feeling, a good emotion that heals the hurts in a wounded soul. To me sound mental health is as important as physical health. Good physical health with a mixed up mind is a still a messed up life, but a sound mind that is kept free from hatred and unforgiveness will transfer a sick body into a healthy one.

God is kind and good. He is about 99% mercy and 1% judgement, so if we seek him while there is yet time, then our life will be satisfying.

Jesus is the Truth.

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