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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Inner Beauty

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Inner Beauty

Outward beauty may be only skin deep, but inward beauty goes to the bone. We clearly recognize outward beauty: shiny hair, glowing skin tone, sparkling clear eyes, clean, white, straight teeth and a warm friendly smile; a slim muscular, yet supple body with everything in the right places; and nice clothing worn with the proper fit and color coordinated with the just right amount of jewelry. This person moves with grace and confidence. A real attention getter.

Inward beauty is another thing. It is more readily heard than seen. It is reflected through attitude. When a person speaks, they begin to expose a picture of their inward beauty, or lack thereof. Words reveal the true heart of a man.

If we care about others we will be kind and gentle. If not, we will speak more of our likes and dislikes. We will bring up examples of short comings of others, thinking that by bringing attention to other people's weakness or ignorance, it will bring us up higher in the minds of those that hear us. This critical opinion of others is a clear reflection of inner pride. Outer pride in one's looks make us look good, but inner pride is a sin that makes us look dirty and mean.

Lifting up others in a loving and gracious way will help them cope with their burdens and strengthen them to keep believing for a better day. We all are faced with decisions. When hard times come, do we recognize that it is temporary and endure it in peace and thankfulness, or do we grumble and complain and accuse someone else in a selfish way?

When Daniel was faced with the lion's den, what do you think would have happened to him if he had attacked his accusers and blamed them for his troubles?

Jesus is our inner beauty

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