Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;It is with a heavy heart, I write …

Phillip Hazelwood

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Say What?

It is with a heavy heart, I write …

By Phillip M. Hazelwood

It is with a very heavy heart, indeed, that I will attempt to honor my dearly beloved son, Michael Delaine Hazelwood. He departed this life on December 10, 2013 at the age of 39 years from heart failure.

Michael was a twin and was five minutes younger than his brother, Matthew. They had a happy early childhood and really loved the simple pleasures in life, such as catching all types of bugs and playing with sticks and old cardboard boxes. I was amazed at how he could look at an animal or chicken and tell you what they were thinking.

He stood six feet two inches tall and weighed 190 pounds. He was always slim and trim with beautiful skin and the prettiest green eyes you ever saw. He always looked younger than his age and his mind was brilliant to the very end. He loved the TV show, Jeopardy, and the last time we played it, only a couple days before his death, we tied at five and five.

Michael had very deep and intriguing side; not a religious man, but a very spiritual man. We talked about God many times and he asked me several deep spiritual questions that I couldn’t answer. I always told him that many of the mysteries of God were beyond human comprehension, but that the simple truth of God is this: “Jesus is the Way”.

Many times Michael said that people didn’t know who he was. That is surely true. I have a Bible where Michael, in his own handwriting, said, “I got saved today”. Then, he dated it and signed his name. He was a teenager then and those words are so precious now because I know for sure that our Lord God has never lost any of His children and He never makes any mistakes. God in His Divine wisdom takes His children home when He sees fit.

I buried my first born son on my 22nd birthday. He was a full-term baby weighing almost nine pounds. He strangled on his own navel cord while trying to be birthed. Later, I lost a still-born son when I was 41-years-old.

My son, Michael, died just four days after my 66th birthday. God gave me seven sons and three daughters. Praise His holy name! Three of my sons have gone on to be forever with their Lord. I have four living sons and three living daughters. Thank God.

One day Michael and I were talking and he knew that I wrote religious articles. He said, “Dad, someday I will have something to say that people will want to hear.” Also, when we would be discussing how he was misunderstood, he would say, “Tell um Dad. Someday they will know who I am.”

“Okay, Michael, today is that day. I’ll do my best.”

Michael D. Hazelwood was not just Michael D. Hazelwood. He was far more than that. He was part of the world-wide body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He was sent here to this earth for a very short time for a Divine purpose. He has a new name now, known only to the Almighty. He, and all believers, will rise again in the first resurrection and we will forever be with our Lord.

If you can receive it, Michael and all Christians, are the only Jesus we will ever see in the flesh this side of eternity. The Holy Ghost in a fleshly human body. This is how we will be judged in the next world.

So, there it is my dear son. How I treated you while you walked this earth is how I treated Jesus. So it is with all mankind. Let us show honor and respect to everyone. Love each other while we have each other. Visit the sick. Visit the jails. Feed the poor. Bless those who are worse off than we are. Those who walk among us are not just who they appear to be. They are part of that Great Body of Christ.

Michael, I am so honored to be called your Dad. Thank God for our 39 plus years together. See you soon.

Love, Dad

Jesus is the Way