Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; It Pays...

Phillip Hazelwood

One ordinary day in mid afternoon I was driving a farm tractor, pulling an old wagon near our home. I was about 13 years old, and didn't have my mind on dying, yet only escaped death by a couple of feet. The tractor was very loud and I was just daydreaming. I had to cross a railroad track where there were no lights and of course, I didn't stop to look or listen. On my left was a sharp turning curve in the tracks. The tractor and wagon were about halfway across the tracks when suddenly without warning a huge freight train came barreling down upon me. When the engineer saw me, he blasted the horn and held it down. There was no time to pray. All my muscles tensed up and I just knew that the wagon would be hit. Somehow in God's mercy the wagon must have cleared the tracks by mere inches. It pays to be ready to go.

Another night I had been driving for many hours when at about four o'clock in the morning I fell asleep at the wheel. A very loud noise woke me up. At about 60 mph I had hit a metal road sign. The car went right over the sigh, bent my bumper and destroyed my radiator. I've always been thankful that I did not hit a concrete or steel barrier on the blunt end. It pays to be ready to go.

Then, one black night in early winter, I went coon hunting by myself, just me and two dogs. I stepped out of my truck and turned the dogs out. They immediately disappeared into the woods. Then, instantly with no warning and at the speed of lightning the whole sky right over my head lit up. The field, the truck and everything around me was engulfed by this blinding light. There was no sound. My heart fluttered. It was some meteorite or celestial body that exploded right overhead. It pays to be ready to go.

Just a few nights ago I was driving along a lonely stretch of road at around two o'clock in the morning. I hadn't noticed but on the right side of the road was a very thick dense forest. Suddenly without warning came a very loud and earth shattering blast. No lights, no sound, just the most unnerving and wretched blast you could imagine. My windows were down and tracks running parallel to the highway must have been very close. It shook me to the core. My hands on the steering wheel just shook. My heart was so shaken. Again I was reminded that it pays to be ready to go. I remembered that in the Holy Bible we are told to keep our lamps trimmed and burning.

Jesus will come as sudden as a flash of light. It pays to be ready to go.

Jesus will light your fire.

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