Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Jesus is all powerful

Phillip Hazelwood

The devil subtracts and divides. Jesus adds and multiplies. Never, never forget that. Words are so powerful. They create worlds. I can still remember words spoken to me from early childhood. Some discouraged me and some inspired me. I try to keep my emphasis on the words of inspiration.

I am beginning to see a theme; a pattern of words spoken over me throughout my lifetime bringing me to the place I am and which will keep leading me on until I become what He wants me to become.

Think about it.

You will become what you believe. You don’t believe me? Just go back through your life and remember all those lies the devil told you. For awhile you believed them...and look at the world they created for you.

But wait. There were other words that were spoken to you. Finally, you reached a point where you could tell the difference in the voices. One was good. One was bad. Choose the ones you listen to.

Listen up! The devil subtracts and divides. Jesus adds and multiplies.

Daily Prayer: “Lord, when you are adding, add unto me. When you are multiplying, multiply me. I look forward to your goodness and I expect your best for my life.”

The best is still ahead for the people of the living God. We started very small, but will wind up being giants in faith.

Jesus is all Powerful