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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Jesus is the glue...

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Take a look at your hands and arms. One hand and arm is weaker than the other. Does the weaker one have more scars on it than the stronger? What about the fingers, do they have more damage on the weaker hand than on the stronger? If you had to choose which one is the most important, I suppose you would choose the stronger one, right?

What about your two eyes. Which one zero’s in on your target? Do you see the same out of each one or does one seem to be superior? What about your ears and feet, are they totally the same or not? The truth is that two hands are better than one. Two eyes are better than one. Two ears are better than one and two feet are better than one. The same holds true for having two kidneys. You can lose one kidney and live, but lose two kidneys and you die.

Did you ever wonder why you only have one mouth? As much trouble as one mouth and one tongue can get you into, just think what two of them would do. Look and think of your own body and see how important each and every part is. If every one of the parts are kept together, the whole body functions well, but if you slowly, one by one, begin to destroy and take away the many parts, you end up a weak and terrible mess.

Oh, how important this concept is in your family. Dishonor, misuse, accuse and abuse one another and soon it is destroyed. It seems that almost every family has one or more members that have been offended to the point that they no longer speak to one another. So sad. Neighborhoods are the same way and so are churches and all kinds of enterprises including countries.

Now consider what you just read and perhaps you will see why things seem to get worse instead of better sometimes. Are you offending someone with your words or deeds? The weakest and smallest among us are just as important as the strongest and biggest. You may be a super star in your field and think you are God’s gift to the world, but where would you be without your fans that pay their hard earned money to come see and appreciate you?

What about it preachers, pastors, and teachers, where would you be if nobody would come to hear you? What if those widows and fatherless children no longer put their pennies, nickels and dime in your offering plate? Are you visiting the poor and lonely in your flock?

What about it political parties that never seem to end complaining and finding fault with others that have different opinions than your own? Where would you be if all the evil speaking destroyed this greatest of all nations? Don’t you know that someday we will all have to give account of all our words before God?

Let us all take inventory of our motives and see how pure they are. God help us to show honor, love and respect to each other and especially to those that are the weakest among us.

Jesus is the Glue.

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