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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Jesus is your life...

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A tiny single blade of grass stands seemingly alone somewhere on the face of the earth. This one solitary grass stem is only one among a vast number of little stems that can in no way be counted by any of humankind by any means. Only the Creator of the world knows how many blades of grass that are in this Earth. Yet, God alone can keep it alive. The right amount of water, sunshine and nutrients are prescribed by Him.

Now consider the oak seedling that sprouts up way out in the vast forest where no man has ever seen it. It also must be protected and nourished for years and years and years until the day it reaches its potential. The time when it can withstand every wind, storm and rain that comes against it. Only God and God alone can sustain this weak little seedling to bring it to maturity. Then after it becomes a mighty oak tree the hand of God still protects, feeds and keeps it alive.

Since so great care and comfort is given to even the smallest and seemingly insignificant blade of individual grass, can you understand how important you are in the scheme of what is happening in this world. Your thoughts are important to your God. Your eyes are so precious to Him. Oh, how grand it is that you can hear. Your bones, sinews, organs and skin are great. How mightily important are your soul and your understanding.

Open up yourself to the Lord and ask Him to give you spiritual eyes to see. Give your spiritual ears to hear His voice. Ask for physical strength to carry the good news of grace. Understand that everything that happens to you is for a greater divine purpose to help you grow to full maturity. Do your job of giving comfort and rest to the weary and lost. Keep hope alive.

Jesus is your Life

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