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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Living with purpose

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Say What?

Living with purpose

by Phillip M. Hazelwood


Every person has a purpose. Otherwise, God would not have given them life. Contrary to what it seems sometimes there is a grand scheme of things. Everything in its times and a purpose for all things.


The battle between good and evil has raged from times unknown because in the spirit realm from everlasting to everlasting time is not measured. Measurable time as we know it (recorded time) began about 6,000 years ago, when God created all things and placed Adam and Eve in what we call the Garden of Eden, in what is now known as Eastern Turkey just west of Lake Van.


Humankind began at that time and so the struggle between the Almighty and Lucifer moved into us. What free will we have started there to prove God is good and just and true and blameless. This free will, so called, is a spiritual avenue that allows an individual to love and seek the truth or believe a lie. 


All the characters in the Holy Bible were predestined to be what they were and did. So are we. If God left prophecy to the whim and will of man, some of it would not happen as prophesied because some character would refuse to and do and be. Therefore destiny would get completely out of control.


God said "whoever will let him come". Some will come and some won't come. Why is that? Because they don't believe. We do not know who will come and who won't come, so we offer the word of Life, (Jesus) to all men. So whether someone comes on don't come, the Divine purpose, and will of God, will be played out in all mankind.


Our job as Christians is to show honor and respect and kindness to everyone and encourage all people to believe in the only true and living God: A God whose eyes see, whose ears hear, whose hand touches, whose voice speaks, and whose heart feels and understands everything that we experience.


Jesus is His Name



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