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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Minds in perfect peace

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Say What?

Minds in perfect peace

We want a life of peace, a world of peace, a community of peace, and yes, a family where peace is king. Wanting it is good, but not good enough.  To obtain what we want we must make it happen.  

Peace comes from a satisfied mind. It all starts with the individual. We are not to fret and fear, but work from a position of patience. Start with money, an income. Money is our friend if we get it legally and use it wisely. If we don't have a job, we pray for God's help then go out and get one. I said get one, not just look for one. If you don't get one soon, then you make one. You can do it, believe me. When you have an income, pay the church the tithe. Stay out from under the curse. Ninety "God-blessed" dollars go much farther than one hundred cursed dollars.  

Next make sure to get, and keep, your own home. Remember that no house is big enough for two heads. Someone must lovingly, patiently, and faithfully keep things going in the right direction. This keeps the wolves away from the door so we can go out and come in, in peace.

Once we have the steady income and quiet home life, then we can take a mate if we want one, but only if we need one and have the wisdom to treat them with honor and respect. Peaceful families are made and maintained by wisdom, they don't just happen. 

After we are able to make all the above happen God's way, then it must be extended through the church and local community. Pray for your neighbors and treat them with kindness and respect. It matters not if they are saints or sinners. Treat everyone nice, just like you wish they would treat you. Remember we are all sinners from time to time so we must not be haughty. 

This kind of peaceful living will change the world around us and as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the God of peace will keep our minds in perfect peace.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace

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