Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Mr. Right?

Phillip Hazelwood

Who are you?  Do you even know? What is your purpose?  What is your plan?  What are you working and living for?  Are you getting anything worthwhile done?  Maybe your life is just one mess after another, just going through the motions of living and not understanding where you started from, what you are up to right now or even caring where and how it will end.

   These are a lot of questions to consider, but they all must be answered.  Life is just a game, for sure, but it is a game that we must win, and win we will. To win the game requires some basic knowledge.  What kind of game is it?  Who are the players? What is their position?  How do we keep score?  What are the rules?  How do we know when we win?

   This game called "life" has three key players: Right, Wrong and You.  The object of the game is for you to remain standing, hold your position or move forward.  If you get knocked down you must immediately get back up.

   Right is the player that gives you counsel and sound advice.  Right also gives you strength and courage.  When Right speaks, it says,  "Hold on, don't give up.  C'mon, let's do it.  You can make it.  I am with you and I am here for you.  Keep going, fight through the pain, the tears, the rejection.  Fight through the black nights when you have no money and you feel all alone." 

   Wrong is the player that hits you when you are not ready, knocks you down and kicks you when you are down. Wrong never plays fair.  He mocks you, lies to you, and steals everything you cherish.  If Wrong smiles at you and plays nice, it is only to trick you again.  Everything Wrong says is a lie. "You're stupid, that won't work.  You have cancer and you are going to die soon."  Don't believe a word that Wrong says.  

   The score is kept in Heaven.  You know you are winning when you have joy and peace of mind.  Heavy driving rains and strong winds will soon pass and the sun will shine again soon.

   Your name is in the Book of Life and you are secure in Him.  

Jesus is Mr. Right. 

© KPI 2013