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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; My Love...

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Where is your heart today and what do you love the most? Late in the night watches when all those around you are asleep, why are you so much awake?

Whether you are a king or just someone of low degree; whether you are known the world over or hardly anybody knows your name; we are all the same.

Your mind goes back over your life and you wonder what it all means. You remember those times so long ago, some good and some happy, that you wish you could live again. Times of joy and dreams that so soon pass away, when your family was all together and laughter came so easily. Times when the warm rain watered your part of the earth and it all felt so good.

When watching a vulture quietly flowing across the sky or seeing the little birds flutter around in the trees, brought peace to your soul. As you watched the young lambs chase each other and noticed how content the cows were as they slowly grazed in the fields, you were one with nature and all was good in the world.

Now you have a nice home, the bills are paid, the kids are gone, the car doesn’t break down anymore, you have money in the bank and yet there is an uneasiness in your soul. Your friends seem nice, your neighbors speak to you and it seems like you should be truly happy, but something is amiss. You can't really put your finger on what it is. You feel bored with your life. Nobody seems to need you anymore and you sense a need to be needed. Where is your heart and what do you love the most?

Is it the voice of God calling out to you and trying to show you what is really important? Start by confessing your love for your God. Take time to know Him like you never have before. Tell all your family how much they mean to you and really mean it. Go refresh your friendship with your neighbors and mean it.

Get back into your Grandmother's old Bible and repent of your self-centered attitude. Get an enjoyable hobby and go out in the real world where so many are confused and afraid. Put a smile on your face and sing God a new song. Just make up one and sing it to Him. If you don't know where to go, just go anyway, because your God will lead you as you go. I know your heart is with your God and you love Him the most.

Jesus is my Love.

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