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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Nice pays off

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Say What?

Nice pays off

by Phillip M. Hazelwood


Be nice to people. That short little statement seems to be overly simplistic and you would think everybody knows that and nobody needs to be reminded. Not so! As easy as it may seem, very few of us are able to actually do it.


Being nice to others requires a high degree of self discipline. One must see others as our equals, and not have an overinflated opinion of our own self importance. Sure we should love our own body and take good care of it, but our mental health (our spiritual life must come first.)


A truly sound mind realizes the need for all others to be strengthened and encouraged. All our emotions are interconnected. If we follow the sweet Spirit of God He will lead us in the right way to treat people and we will produce the fruit of the Spirit.


Being nice to others means everyone. First, we must be nice to our spouse; then our children, including our extended family; then our friends and neighbors. Our nice attitude toward others says to them that they have great value. This allows them to express themselves and be a blessing to others as well. Nice begets nice and friendships develop. Then kindness, hope, faith, and love is spread through out the world.


Nabal was a brutish man, very mean and unkind, but his wife Abigail was a nice, kind and generous soul. She was nice to David and his troops when they passed through her community. Her mean husband, Nabal, died and she became Kind David's wife. It pays to be nice.


God is good and if we share His goodness with others then we all become stronger. Strengthen everyone we meet and be nice and kind to others and we will all reap great rewards. Be a friend to the friendless and watch them blossom.


Jesus is our Strength 


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