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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;No turning back

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What moves you? What gets you excited and keeps you planning for the rest of this year; for the next five years; for the rest of your life? Surely you have plans, hopes, and dreams. If not, why not? We all get in a rut from time to time, but we don't stay there. Depression, self-doubt and fear are not what we are all about. Shame and confusion is not our companions. We shake off pain and rejection. We have a sound mind and we understand there is no turning back.


Our future lies over the next horizon and we press on. We will be kept safe as we go. Water is ahead, food is ahead, housing is ahead. Every generation since the Garden of Eden has faced what looked like certain defeat. There were enemies in their midst, dark clouds overhead and doubts about the unknown. They were forsaken by family, friends and lovers. They had nobody to talk to when they needed to talk the most.


There are always voices all around that promote confusion; mockers and scoffers telling us that it is futile to try what we feel in our hearts that we want to do. Comforters are in short supply. What to do! When to do it! How can we possibly do it? What is the use in trying? It never worked before and the pain and anguish is unbearable. Besides all that, who cares about us? Nobody cares, so why bother?


But wait, if we listen real close we hear another voice so faint and far away. It says, "Don't give up. Don't turn back. Don't stop now. Your race is not yet run. You can do it. A way will be made for you. Believe in the impossible. Shake off the blues. Get up and go do what you were created to do. I will help you. I will sustain you."


It is the voice of God. He gives sweet counsel to the fearful. He guides through the darkness. He says to the pain, “Go away.” He supplies water to the thirsty and food to the hungry. He is a Way Maker and He will make a way for you.


Jesus is His name

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