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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Provision

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Provision has been made for every living thing on earth. Everything is sustained by something else, and to grow, thrive and reproduce, order must be maintained because one thing depends upon another and on and on. Upon every square foot of this earth, whether it be land or sea, mountains, deserts, or other, God has already supplied food, water and air to keep alive any creature that may be there. Very much of the surface of the earth and seas are places that man has never been yet even all these places get food and rain to care for anything that lives there.

Nothing is by chance. It is all by the precise design of the Almighty. Since God cares so much for all these non-human things, why do you not believe and understand how He loves and cares for you? Natural care for all mankind is everywhere, but that is not enough. As human beings we have an eternal soul that must be nourished also. To be fulfilled, we must interact with God and man. If we try to work with just one of these, apart from the other, it just won't work. It takes both to make us happy.

God is Spirit and man is flesh. The flesh part of man is weak and needy. It is never satisfied and never has enough of anything. The Holy Spirit of God deals with the spiritual soul of man. The mind is where all the battles take place that control the emotions and body of man.

Seek the true and living God until He eventually makes you to understand the simplicity of the peace in your own life, while all the time being kind and peaceful in your dealings with man. God is a Way Maker and He will make a way for you to be fed both naturally and spiritually. Respect and honor God and man and slow down and enjoy the rest of the time you have left here on earth and you will be happy and satisfied.

Jesus satisfies my soul.

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