Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Purpose

Phillip Hazelwood

To each life there is a purpose. That purpose is of the will of God. If you do not yet have an idea what you are here to do, then it is time to slow down and figure it out. To do anything good there must be a plan. To devise a plan takes a time of quietness and thoughtful meditation.

Running here and running there and just doing any and everything in a haphazard way accomplishes only one thing, and that thing is not good. It is called confusion and frustration. It is better to do a thing slowly and correctly, then to try to do many things in a hurry because haste makes waste.

Wouldn't it be better to accomplish one good and lasting thing then to be fretful and accomplish nothing? Sure it would, so let's stop running and find a quiet place and take inventory.

What has this to do with God, religion, or divine purpose? Everything! The main players throughout the Bible are renowned for only a few things. They did not constantly do great and mighty acts. Many times their daily lives were just ordinary. They had to take time to just be human. They took care of daily chores and slowed down and enjoyed the flowers. They laughed and cried and meditated and prayed and planned. Therefore, when it was time to move they were ready.

What is your purpose? How will people remember you when you are gone? What will you be rewarded for in heaven? Did you take time to accomplish your divine purpose? Make every day count for something.

Keep your religion simple. Put God first and your own family a close second. Obey the law and treat all people with respect and honor. Dream your dream and then bring it to pass through faith in God.

Jesus is guiding me.

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