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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Restoring your hope

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Say What? Restoring your hope

by Phillip M. Hazelwood

As everyone who has lived very long on this earth knows, life's struggles get awfully hard sometimes. As a teenager you fall madly in love with someone only to soon find that they love someone else. Friends talk about you behind your back and call you names that anger you.

Your parents may not like your friends because they think your friends will corrupt you and they sure don't like your choice of boyfriend or girlfriend. You must guard against people, young or old, that take advantage of your youth and inexperience.

Finally, you finish school and try to start a family, but you soon find that you don't make enough money and you and your spouse are always arguing. Life isn't much fun anymore. You may have to deal with infidelity in your marriage; sickness comes; obesity comes; and your friends aren't there for you anymore. You may lose a child prematurely, your parents die, or you're facing divorce and bankruptcy. You may lose your job, your car, your house, and begin to wonder if you may also lose your sanity.

What can you do? Who can you turn to, to talk this all out? How did it come to this? What did you do, or not do, that brought all these things into your life? Nobody seems to understand or care what you are going through. First of all, you are not alone. All families on earth are going through the same things in varying degrees.

Stop running to and fro. Find a quiet, peaceful place all alone where you can think clearly. Find an older person who has lived through all this and can assure you that you will make it. Better days are in your near future. Get a hobby that will allow your mind to relax. Reading is a good one. Visiting people in your community is also good. Now, the very most important thing of all is to get your faith moving again. Believe the best of others and yourself. This faith comes only one way. Read your Bible out loud and go back to church.

Jesus is your Hope.

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