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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Seek Rest

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 It is time to rest. We need to relax and recuperate. Let us lean on our faith; trust our future to the Lord and be renewed. We are only human and not made of steel. We can only take so much, then we must refresh. If our life is all stress and pain with no rest or pleasure then we are in danger of perishing.

 Individually we need peace. Our great nation needs peace and the whole world needs some peace. Complete and lasting peace will not come to stay until the Prince of Peace comes to rule forever, but right now we need a break from fighting. Let us stop dishonoring our family and friends and church family. What is wrong with agreeing with one another? Why do we have to be right all the time? Give others a break and agree with them. Try it and you might like what you get.

 You say you want peace in your nation. Try getting in peace and stay in peace with your own family. You want peace in the world? Well, try making peace in your own city or community. When you go to town, or go visit someone, or go to the coffee shop, try listening and agreeing instead of dominating all your conversations with your own opinions. Instead of a know-it-all attitude that puts others on the defense, just mellow out, relax, be kind and gentle and allow others to also relax around you. Give others their emotional space to be refreshed while they are around you and you will see miracles. Yes, I mean miracles. Do it and keep doing it and you will see.

 Oh, Dear Lord would you give us a break for a while? Teach us to honor and respect everyone so that our words and actions give grace and courage and strength to our family and friends and neighbors. We will bless and not curse. We will smile and not frown. We will relax and not stress. We will trust and not fear. We will praise You for all Your Greatness and Goodness and Mercy. Thank You for giving us rest.

 Jesus is our Rest

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