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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Seek Wisdom

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Are you overwhelmed with life? Seek wisdom. Don’t have enough money to pay your monthly bills? Seek wisdom. Is your car broken down? Seek wisdom. Do you have a date with the court system? Seek wisdom. Are you in jail? Seek wisdom. Your friends don’t want to be around you? Seek wisdom. Has your wife left you or acting like she wants to? Seek wisdom. Are your children trying to get away from you? Seek wisdom.

You don’t like your job? Seek wisdom. You don’t want to go to church? Seek wisdom. The people in your church don’t celebrate you? Seek wisdom. Is your church too small? Seek wisdom. Is your church too big? Seek wisdom. Nobody comes to check on you when you are sick? Seek wisdom.

You don’t like the President? Seek wisdom. Do you think your leaders are all corrupt? Seek wisdom. What about police officers, lawyers and judges? Do they seem to be after you? Seek wisdom. Does your mechanic overcharge you? Seek wisdom. Is your life just one struggle after another? Seek wisdom.

Seek wisdom, seek wisdom, seek wisdom. You’re tired of hearing it, right? Wisdom is the principle thing. If you can just get wisdom, then she will show you how to get all these other things. She will not only help you get those things, but she will show you how to keep them. If you try to live life without wisdom, then you are surely in for a long and troubled future. There is no peace apart from wisdom. Those that seek her will find her.

Jesus is my Wisdom.

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