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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Simply Trust

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Simply Trust

Say What?

Without a thankful heart we can never be truly happy. If we aren't happy, we aren't satisfied. If we aren't satisfied, then we have no peace. If we have no peace, then we cannot rest. If we cannot rest, then we cannot trust. If we have no trust, we grumble and complain so our whole attitude depends on whether or not we are thankful. 

God tells us to be thankful in everything. Not for everything, but in everything. Things could always get worse so we continually look on the bright side. Keep a positive attitude and see whatever we face as God's will for us. 

That is what Joseph did as he faced false imprisonment. Daniel faced the den of lions with grace. The three Hebrew children faced the fiery furnace with great faith. All these men, and in fact all the great hero's in the Bible did the same thing. When faced with what looked like certain death, they realized that giving up on God would be far worse than death itself. 

That is the way we are, too. We face so many terrible situations that seem so desperate. We can't understand why it had to come to this. Our faith is tried to the core. We never saw this coming and we don't know what to do. We see that it is too late for man to help us and if God's heart can't be reached and unless He saves us this time, then we are gone for sure.

Well, no matter how dreadful our situation is we have no choice. Give true heartfelt thanks for all we have enjoyed in the past. Pray for deliverance from what we face, but at the same time pray God's perfect will be done because it will be anyway, and come to peace with God that whatever the outcome is, we will never give up our trust in Him.

Jesus is our Praise

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