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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;The Doctor

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Say What?

The Doctor

By Phillip M. Hazelwood

Many righteous people suffer pain. Some pains are worse than others. Some last longer than others. At times physical pain begins rather dull and we think we might be able to bear it, but before too long it gets worse and worse. An abscessed tooth is a good example. Others, like kidney stones, are so bad you think you will lose your mind or maybe even die. This pain makes bad teeth feel good in comparison.

Losing a spouse you loved, or losing a child that you had so many plans and dreams for is worse, yet. The "why me's" and "what if's" come into our minds and we wonder if we are going to live long enough to ever get through it.

Still others suffer the worse pain of all. They suffer from the feeling of confusion, dread and fear of the unknown. Feeling sad, alone, unloved, and finally hopelessness. Right on the verge of utter despair. That's a sad place, indeed. Nowhere to turn. No one to talk to. Totally forsaken to die alone.

But, wait. There is hope in Jesus. When you can no longer pray or read the Word, just groan. Just wait and meditate on the one true promise that He will never leave you. He is right there in your bed of affliction with you.

This trial will also pass as all the others have. Hang tough. Don't give up. Help is here, now. Right now. Praise Him. Amen.

Jesus is my doctor

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