Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;The Savvy Thrive

Phillip Hazelwood

The Savvy Thrive

Purpose has a goal, but no clearly defined path.  Details of day by day actions are ambiguous. Since we are mostly void of specifics we must proceed with caution and self-discipline.


Wisdom is paramount. Humility is required and patience is a must.  Pursue the goal and never give up, but do so in a restrained way as not to fall into traps that litter your pathway.


Foxes and coyotes are very savvy animals and can thrive in any environment.  They do so because of their mind-set.  Their thought processes set them up for success. First and foremost, they are patient and methodical, moving with a purpose, but not sporadic.  They do not show out or foolishly prank.  Their ears weigh sounds and their steps are cautious.  They are adaptable and control their hunger pains (desires). 


"Only fools rush in"! Mohammed Ali was a renowned boxer because of his style in the ring. Dancing, weaving, and bobbing, staying just out of reach until his opponent made a mistake or became tired or frustrated.  Then, he would strike and retreat.  Be patient.


Keep your goal in mind.  Preserve it with purpose, but do so in a wise way.  Think ahead and avoid the dangers.  Look before you leap and count the cost.  Quiet faith will get the job done. You will finally get what you want if you never give up.  You don't have to win every battle, every day.  Some days were just made for resting.


Jesus is my Wisdom.