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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; The Survivor

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We have heard it said that "only the strong survive". Many times that is true in nature, but sometimes it is the swift that survive and lots of times it is the cunning that survives. It could also be the patient that survives.  But, with God there is another group or two that survives. With God, the meek and gentle and weak survive.

That's right. You read it correctly. In the Kingdom of God, meekness, gentleness,  and weakness has the upper hand over pride, roughness, and loud overbearing behavior. Nobody likes a person that comes across an as arrogant know-it-all and God will not tolerate it either. God resists the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

If you want something, ask for it in a meek and gentle way. Don't make rude demands. Moses was a very meek person yet no greater leader ever lived. The disciple John was quiet and wise and God rewarded him with a very long life. The eyes of the Lord are always watching over the weakest and poorest among us.

Weak folks need help and they know it. They are well aware that they cannot make it on their own. They must rely upon a power that is higher and stronger than themselves. The weakest among us are thankful in the smallest of blessings. They praise their God for the very breath that they breathe. Eyesight is very precious to them. Their hearing is sweet to them. Just being able to survive one more night brings tears of joy to their face.

Being able to sit up and eat is a wonderful thing and if they are able to walk, even with a cane or walker, then it is a great day. Let the weak say, "I am strong". Let the lame say, "I can walk". Let the blind say, "I can see".  No wonder King David said over and over, "Let everything that hath breath, Praise the Lord. Praise ye, the Lord."

I know you have eyes, but can you see? You have ears, but can you hear? Be very sure to hear this:

Jesus is the way.

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