Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Time is running out

Phillip Hazelwood

Say What?

Time is running out


Our time in this life is very short.  The hours in a day pass swiftly.  The days in a week seem to be two or three instead of seven.  The months and years just fly away.

What have we done? Where have we gone? What are we remembered for? Who have we offended? Most importantly, at this late hour, is why do we still carry unforgiveness in our hearts?

Are you an angel? Have you been so perfect and never done others wrong that now you hold yourself in such high esteem that you are qualified to look down on mortals around you and snub your nose at them?

Time is flying and yet we fiddle with evil feelings.  Wake up and look in the mirror. Your face and hair and skin is changing.  What does that tell you? Can we afford to hold grudges and offenses much longer? 

Think seriously about it. We have no promise of tomorrow. Let's get honest with ourselves and with God.  Face the truth.  Go to those that have offended you and ask their forgiveness and make it right.  The truth will make you free.  Do this now and your prayers will not be hindered and your joy will return.  Do this and you won't feel such a need to outdo the Jones's and you can relax and enjoy the birds and little children more.  Your sleep will be sweet and your face will be prettier.  Your spouse won't make you so mad, and your neighbor will be friendlier.


Jesus is the Truth.