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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Time to be calm

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Say What?

Time to be calm

If you are a servant of God then calm down and trust in Him. The Almighty is leading you. Whatever is happening with you is in His plan. If it is pleasant right now, praise Him. If it is horrible right now, praise Him.  What you consider bad, has been allowed by Him for your greater good. If you can make no sense of it, don't fret or worry about it, just keep praising the Lord. You can do this by blocking out your thoughts of all fearful and confusing things. Zero in on God's goodness and bless His Holy name. 

In everything give thanks. Whatever good things you have enjoyed and then lost, just be thankful that you had them for the time that you did instead of trying to figure out what happened that caused you to lose them. 

It was God's will. That's what I said, it was all in the plan for you. Life is not a continual bed of roses. If it was, there would be no fall and winter and spring. It would be summer time all the time. We must suffer loss from time to time in order to be able to understand the very best of times.

The ups and downs do not defeat us; they only make us stronger in faith because we understand that troubles don't last always. Neither do the happy times as the world sees happy times. Therefore, we have joy and peace in the midst of all life's storms because we trust in our God and praise Him in everything.

We are not alone and forsaken in this world, but God's hand is guiding our day to day life for His greater divine plan. Go with the flow and rest in Him.

Jesus is our Praise.


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