Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Truth prevails

Phillip Hazelwood

Truth prevails 

It is not too late.  I know that you have suffered for a long, long time.  In fact, you have known only trouble for your entire life.  You were born into a poor and troubled family.  For several generations your family on both sides have been so down trodden. 

Poverty, shame, hatred and rejection have been, and still is, your constant companions.  You have never been loved or known peace.  Your Grandfather was evil and your Grandmother hated your Mother.  When your Mother died, your rich Grandmother (or no one else) would help you pay for her funeral, so you had her cremated on the credit and still are making payments on that. In fact, you didn't even have a funeral service for your Mother. 

Your Father has diseased lungs and can hardly breathe. Your husband is a chain smoker. He didn't even try to comfort you when your mother died.  Your sister died at a young age and left small children.  Your daughter was born afflicted and some of your other kin folks have died tragically.  You've had two nervous breakdowns and you go to counselors to find someone to talk to.  You and your father need medicine, but can't buy it. 

At times you work two jobs, but never have enough.  You've been evicted a couple of times and your truck keeps breaking down.  Your family does not love you and you do not love them. Other bad things have happen to you, but I won't mention them here, yet you have not given up. You still talk about how God is good, and you hope for a better day.  You're weak at times, but you keep pressing on. 

Guess what, your end will be far, far greater than your first forty years.  You know how I know this because God will not cast of his people, and he will never forsake his inheritance. 

Writer's note: the above scenario is an actual person who has had many struggles in her life. You may be able to relate to her. If so, just know that God loves you and has a plan for your life.


Jesus is the Truth.