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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Victory is ahead

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Victory is ahead

We all need to be needed. Have goals, plans, dreams, visions. Stay busy, work for something. Prayer is great and it is necessary, but if we don't get up and go do what we believe, then all is vain. Prove what you believe by what you do. If we don't believe enough to act, then we don't really believe. 


Jesus spoke to folks in need, "take up thy bed and walk." When they moved, God moved. God told Noah to build a great ark. Noah feared God enough to build this huge ark for all to see. They mocked and laughed and scorned, but he kept building until it was done, then the rain came and drowned all the mockers. He couldn't hide and build it anyway because it was just too big to hide. 


God told Abraham to go and he did and the rest is history. God told Moses to go. He didn't want to and made many excuses, until God got mad, then Moses saw the light and went. We all know what happened then. God trained the teenager David to fight for dear life all alone in the wild places. It prepared him for Goliath the giant. The confrontation with Goliath made David world-famous and Jerusalem will forever be known as the City of David. All these men were moved by fear enough to act.


Do you fear God enough to do? Do you know that all the fearful things you have been through was your training ground for what is ahead? Your past has shaped you into who you are now. Go with the flow and don't rebel. Your greatest victories are just ahead.


Jesus is our Helper

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