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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Wake Up!

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Do you feel lonely and afraid? Are your days mostly darkness and confusion? Maybe you don't think anybody loves you and nobody shows any interest in talking to you. You believe that the best of your life is already past and you wonder if life is still worth living. Life is no more exciting. Your joy and laughter left a long time ago. Why should you even care anymore because nobody else does? You're tired of the struggle. You just want to go to sleep and forget it all.

No. No. No. Stop it. Feeling sorry for yourself is such a shame. Wake up and find what is wrong. The devil is clouding your mind. You need a plan. A dream. A vision. You are too young to die. You still have a lot to do before you go to your eternal home. If God was finished with you then you would already be gone and not sitting here reading these words.

God's word is spirit and life so start by getting out your Grandma's old Bible. Find a quiet place alone and begin reading in the book of Psalm. Learn to be thankful again in each and every little thing. Be especially thankful in the little things. Read in Proverbs and then the book of Job. Go back and read Psalm again. Read Matthew then go back to Psalm and Proverbs again. Now, read Genesis. Return to read Psalm and Proverbs again. Finally, read the book of John.

By now you will have enough faith and strength to begin planning to get back into the business of helping and encouraging others.

We are all in this together. We must bless each other and talk of what good things the Lord has done and what He will do again. He is our strength and helper. God never left us. We just wearied in the battle called life and retreated for awhile. Along came our enemy and piled on his lies; stole our joy and disturbed our peace. Now, we are awake again. Go ahead and do what you know to do. Use your experience to dodge the pitfalls of life and finish the job you were destined to do.

Jesus is our life.

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