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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;What's the body look like?

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Say What?

What's the body look like?

by Phillip M. Hazelwood

Did you ever wonder why women, and most men, can't walk or drive past a mirror or window without looking at themselves? They will always look at their own reflection because they want to look good. Their body shape, their hair, their clothes, their shoes and their car is a picture of them. The better they look, the better they feel about who they are. If they see their reflection in a long window, they will look many times. They walk proudly, flick their hair and strut their stuff. It is a good feeling. They have not lost it yet. They still have it going on.

That is what God is always doing with us. He knows those that are His and He is always watching us. Looking to see if He can see Himself in us. What is He seeing? Is he seeing a body that is vibrant and supple with a warm smile? Or, does he see posture that is straight, relaxed and curved in the right places, or is He seeing a slouching back; a belly; a faltering gait; a frowning face; a sad countenance and a confused mind that doesn't know what to do next? Do I go bless someone else or do I go to a doctor and get more pills to help me cope?

Now, I am not talking of anyone in particular, but a picture of the whole body of Christ. Us, me and you. We corporately reflect the image of God in this world. What do we look like in the mirror or window of life? Are we needy and broken down with no strength and natural force? Can we perform what God wants us to do, or have we lost it?

God wants His body to be strong and courageous, with a mind that understands His purpose. He wants a heart that has faith and is faithful to His plan and will. He wants ears that can hear the Spirit and eyes that can see the hurting among us. He wants hands that can reach down to lift the weak and muscles that can carry someone's load when they stumble. He wants the feet on His body to walk in His paths and carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. He wants His tongue to speak the truth in love, and His lips to sing His high praise and kiss His beloved.

Jesus is the way.

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