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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Why we can endure

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Why we can endure

Jesus is a mind changer. A soul saver. A way maker. A liberator.  He is a chain breaker; an addiction breaker.  He is a truth teller and is no lie.  He is the truth and His truth will make you free.

As I said, Jesus is a mind changer. To have your mind changed from wrong to right, you must have ears.  Spiritual ears that is.  Ears try words.  Words open doors and words close doors. Words bring joy and words cause pain.  Words bring life and words bring death.  Jesus is the Word of Life.

There is right and there is wrong.  Right brings life and hope.  Right shines light on a bright future and gives dreams a plan.  Right says, "Let's keep going, there is something good just ahead."  Yes, we have been through lots of adversity; we have suffered great losses and much pain, but we will never turn our backs on our enemies. We will gladly endure all things.

Wrong speaks only of loss and defeat as if it is inevitable.  Wrong shows no way out; gives no hope and stops no fear.  Wrong is wrong because all it promotes is doom and gloom.  Wrong words bring sadness and sorrow.  Wrong says it is too late to dream, all is lost, so give up and die; life has no purpose and no meaning.  It says, there is no God, because if there was a God, we wouldn't be in this condition.

As you read these words, you know the truth.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  Listen carefully to what you hear.  Say unto your ears, "Try the words that I hear. Show me right from wrong." Your eyes will see the truth and your heart will understand.

Jesus is a mind changer.



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