Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; Your Day of Freedom

Phillip Hazelwood

How much longer are you going to mess around? You have tried just about everything to find inner peace? So far nothing has worked. You’ve ran for years trying to get away from the thing God has called you to do. Multiple trials and tribulation have come your way: financial messes one after another; fights with your loved ones; troubles with the law. You feel, confused, afraid of the future, angry at life in general, and all alone in the world.

You never imagined that you would ever end up in this place. Through the years other people have done just about everything they wanted to do and got away with it all. In fact they have done things far worse than you have done, yet they are still flowing along in life having a good ole time. Several times, you have lost everything you had, but still you fight on.

Since you don't know what else to do, you just keep doing what you have always done. Things like working, but not pay tithes; talking bad about the President, but never praying for him; Feeding your addictions without caring about your body. Cursing all those around you, while trying to get all you can for yourself, while giving nothing in return; demanding that everyone give you honor and respect and money and whatever else you want.

Think about this: why should anyone give you anything? Have you forgotten that you reap what you sow? Now you are stuck in a low down dirty place, looking for a way out. The good news is that you have not committed the unpardonable sin. The Lord loves the unthankful and the unholy. Your day of freedom has arrived.

Stop resisting true love. God is love and He will abundantly pardon. Submit to His will and plans for you. Repent for rebellion and allow His mercy to be yours. Say what God says and act like it is true, because it is. There is still time for you to do what He wants you to do.

Jesus is calling.

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