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School Board sets calendar changes; approval Family Services Grant renewal

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School Board sets calendar changes; approval Family Services Grant renewal

Barlow-During the recent meeting of the Ballard County Board of Education, Family Focus Director Kelly Wray discussed the Family Resources Youth Services Center (FRYSC) grant renewal.. In her discussions, she highlighted Center Operations Information wherein she explained action components, which describe what she does and why she does it.

There are five components for the Family Resources Center (FRC), which are the elementary and preschool. The components include: Preschool Childcare, After-school Childcare for children 4- 12 years old, Families in Training, Family Literacy, and Health Services.

Wray said there has been a steady decline in budget cuts via the state, but she did site a bright note being donations from churches and individuals last year. “I’m really blessed even though the money has been cut from the state; it just seems like the community is rallying and really giving. I am so appreciative,” Wray said.

Wray also explained the five components for Youth Services (YS), which include the middle school and high school. These components include: Health and Social Services, Career Exploration & Development, Summer & Part-time jobs, Substance Abuse Education, and Family Crisis & Mental Health.

Included in her explanation was the 21st Century Program. This grant program is defined as being available for all students in grades K-2 who are considered at-risk for failure based upon grade averages below 705, scoring below proficiency, or identified as Gap students. The “Gap” students are considered as minorities, ELL, disabled, and socially low-income students. New next year, is the addition of offering the 21st Century Program for grades K-12.

Concerning the efforts of Family Focus, Superintendent Casey Allen said, “Without these services, there are a lot of kids in Kentucky that wouldn’t be successful.”

The next issue that involved board action was the approval of Capital Outlay Expenditure. As explained by Allen, Capital Outlay is money that comes back to the school from taxpayers to be set aside in a Capital Outlay Fund to be used for construction projects or debt payment. A new school bus had been purchased earlier this school year using this fund. The Board approved upgrading HVAC Controls in the athletic training facility at a cost of $5,530 and approved Reimbursing the General Fund for Property at a cost of $30,252.

In addition, the Board approved the quote for the project to replace the existing HVAC controls to provide climate control in the athletic building.

Another issue requiring board action involved the School Facilities Construction Commission (SFCC) annual offer of assistance. The offer was for $931 a year. Allen explained that accepting the assistance meant committing to spending Capital Outlay on priority projects. This would mean the district would have to commit $120,000 a year in order to receive the $931 in SFCC assistance.

The Board unanimously voted to reject the SFCC offer of assistance, so as it would not hurt the district financially.

The last items requiring board action was approval of the personnel report, which include Scott Holmes as Auto Body instructor and two new classified staff.

Under Communication, the Board discussed a Risk Assessment done by Liberty Mutual, who is the district’s new Liability Insurance carrier. Allen presented his response to Liberty Mutual’s report.

The Board also discussed two 21st Century Grant awards, which include an extension for the elementary school to include grades 3-5 and a continuation for the middle school and the high school.

Due to the recent school cancellations prompted by weather conditions, the Board discussed a Calendar update; although, the discussion did not involve approving an amended calendar. As of the meeting, students have missed a total of 14 days due to school cancellations. This brings the last full day of school for students to May 30th. Superintendent Allen reminded the Board that school would be in session on both February 17 and March 14th, both of which had been days off for students.

With weather conditions affecting school travel last week, Facilities Director Kerry Fulcher worked with bus drivers to determining an alternate bus route. This route will be used when future weather events occur.

Bob Wilson, Director of Pupil Personnel discussed the district’s nursing contract with the Purchase District Health Department (PDHD). The contract between the Ballard County Board of Education and the PDHD shows Expanded services being reduced to Limited services. The reduction is due to a decline in Medicaid Reimbursement.

The Board concluded its meeting discussing an update on the Baseball bathroom project, which has as a goal of a spring completion. The Board also discussed an upcoming book signing by a 1997 BMHS graduate and a project involving the community helping with College & Career Readiness. The Board closed with Student/Staff achievement.



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