Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;A Miracle in the Making

Teresa A. LeNeave

Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;A Miracle in the Making | victorious living,ballard county,advance yeoman,west ky news,livingston ledger,a miracle in the making

A miracle in the making

"One just for you. The Father is working even now…" (song lyrics)

by Teresa Leneave 

As I write this, my 39-year-old nephew lies in a North Carolina hospital, in a coma, hooked to a life-support machine. Doctors say his heart is working, at best, at a mere five percent. They give him no hope for recovery.

At 39, he's fighting for his life and doesn't even know it. By that I mean, his body is following the orders of an Almighty God who created him to heal from the inside out. When stress is removed, through a state of being in a coma, doctors believe he has a better chance to survive.

Satan would like to convince us that he's doomed; that it's impossible for him to recover. But, that's not the truth because that's not what the Bible says and the Bible is the Truth. The Word of God has the final say. If it's God's will, he will live. In the mouth of an unbeliever he has no hope, but in the mouth of a believer "nothing is impossible with God".

I have proof.

Let me start by saying my nephew looked like a picture of health. He was tall, almost too skinny and very handsome with beautiful skin. He was never sick. I don't know that he's ever even had a cold. In honesty, although he was very healthy, he lived a life-style that abused his body and he lived under tremendous stress. 

In September 2012, just 14 months ago, he went to bed complaining of a stomach ache. He was sick on his stomach all night. He was sure he'd eaten something that gave him food poison. All night he had thrown up until he was nearly lifeless, and by morning, his heart had given all it could give. 

For three months he laid in a hospital bed at the best heart hospital in North Carolina. In November of last year he was put on a life support machine. 

A year ago, almost to the day, they decided to pull the plug and unhook him from life support. Doctors said within 15 minutes he would probably be dead. For the next 15 minutes we prayed, asking for God's mercy and grace. Fifteen minutes passed and he was still breathing. Sixteen, twenty, thirty, one hour ... Miraclously, he begin to recover and was released from the hospital one week later.

Through God's mercy, he was given a second chance. Now, one year later, he is lying in another hospital, on a life support machine again.

Doctors say there is no hope at all, but that's not what the Bible says. The Bible says there is something you can do. You can call upon Him and He will answer you and He will show you great and mighty things that you know not. 

How it applies to you

You may be in the biggest battle of your life, but the battle belongs to The Lord. It's God who holds you in the palm of His hand. Tell your problem what the Word says; what the Truth is. That, "No weapon formed against you shall prosper ... This is the heritage of the saints of God" (Isaiah). 

How it applies to our family

Whether my nephew goes to be with The Lord or remains on this earth is all in the hands of an Almighty God. Either way, I have peace that God knows best.

God is able. The Word, the Truth says, "With God nothing shall be impossible. He (Jesus) was wounded for our transgression (sins). He was bruised for our iniquities (habits and addictions), and by His stripes we are healed. 

So if you're facing the battle of your life, just remember the battle belongs to The Lord. He is well able to perfect that which concerns you. That's what the Bible says. It's what the Truth is. As a believer in Jesus Christ, it is your heritage, your God-given right, to tell your problem the Truth.



Before this article went to press, we've gotten good news. He has been taken off life support and is beginning to show signs of improvement. Praise God! Every good and every perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights in whom there is no variablenness nor shadow of turning.