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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;All I need is “a little extra help”

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All I need is “a little extra help”

Dr. Oz seems to think Oil of Oregano is a cure-all. He believes it’s one of the most important staples in your medicine cabinet. Oil of Oregano may have a medicinal effect, but what about the Oil of the Spirit? According to Jesus, the oil of the Holy Spirit is the most important staple for everyday living that God has given us.

In scripture, the Holy Spirit’s character is revealed as oil, wine, rivers, rain, fire, wind, and a dove. How can those seven things help us in the lives we live day-by-day? Here’s an example: when you’re sick, you need a little something extra to make you well. Get the flu or bronchitis and do nothing to get well, you just might develop pneumonia and die. My daughter is currently in the hospital with kidney stones and she’s needing “a little extra help” to pass a large kidney stone so the doctor is planning surgery to crush it. I have a friend who’s had surgery on a bone in her foot. She has suffered for years with terrible pain until she decided to get a little extra help. With the “extra help” of her doctor’s skilled hands, she’s currently recovering and walking without such excruciating pain.

Many times in life we need “a little extra help”. Dr. Oz’s Oil of Oregano may help us get over a cold quicker, but it takes something stronger to get over some of the things life throws our way. God has provided the “something extra” that can impact, and help, any one of us. From the onset of Jesus’ ministry he demonstrated that he had complete authority over evil spirits, sickness and any other thing. As you probably know, He even turned plain ole well water into wine that the king called “the best wine at the wedding”!

The Oil of the Spirit – scriptures says He gives us “the oil of joy for mourning”. That’s a little extra help.

The Wind of the Spirit – the wind of the Spirit breathes life into a human being and transforms a broken, lost life in a way we can’t explain. That’s a little extra help.

The Spirit as a river – Jesus said he would give us “rivers of living water”. Rivers are channels, overflowing tributaries that spread out across the entire world to keep everything alive. It’s a living and vital to life on earth. That’s a little extra help.

The Spirit as rain –Without rain we would be barren and dry. Rain comes to refresh and revitalize. That’s a little extra help.

The Spirit as wine – Jesus turned water into wine, which is a symbol of new life. Of transformation. The rebirth experience is new wine coming into a new vessel. Conversion makes us new; the old is passed away and all things become new. That’s a little extra help.

The Spirit as fire – The Spirit, like fire, burns away the binding grip the world has on us. When the three Hebrew children were thrown into the fire, they didn’t burn (or even smell like smoke), but the ropes that bound them burned up and they were freed. That’s a little extra help.

The Spirit as a dove – the dove comes a symbol of peace. It’s something visible that people around us can see and recognize. When Jesus was baptized, something “as a dove” rested on Him. From there he went out to minister to a broken, hurting world. Peace certainly brings us “that little extra” help.

Revelation 21:5 says, He who sits on the throne is making all things new! Oil of Oregano may be helpful to our physical body, but it can’t do what the Holy Spirit can do. It can’t make you new or give you peace. Only the Oil of the Spirit can do that. That is the most important staple for everyday living. When you need a “little extra help”, you have a Helper. God is on our side. Now, we just need to make sure we get on His side.


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