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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;At the end of the day: Light Wins

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Has God ever lied to you?

By Teresa LeNeave


About now, you're probably saying, "How can I know if God has ever lied to me, because I've never heard him speak?" My answer is, "Yes, you have, but you may have been too busy to hear." Most of us, myself included, are too busy to hear the whisper that speaks before we make decisions that impact our lives, or the lives of others. For many of you, I would bet, in your lifetime you have heard a whisper to "not go there" (and you later realized you avoided what would have been a deadly accident).

As a teenager, my brother, who at the time could not have been called a Christian in any sense of the word, was saved from a deadly crash that killed several of his friends. He was supposed to go to a nearby town with them, but at the last minute he changed his mind. Why did he change his mind? Was it because he had praying parents, or had he unknowingly heard a whisper from God? What happened "behind the scene" that kept him from getting in that car that fateful day? No one but God knows for sure, but it's a fact that he was kept from death. Today, he is the pastor of a church. God had a plan for his life.

You probably can remember a time when you lost something and you heard a faint, nearly-silent, whisper that led you to the lost item.

Maybe you've "almost" made a business deal and that faint intuitive whisper lead you in another direction at the last minute.

Or, maybe you was led in a direction you didn't even know was happening. I remember when God whispered to me and said I'd own West Kentucky News. My friend had asked if I would pray with her for direction about her buying the newspaper. During our prayer, I heard the whisper. We both felt she should buy it, which she did. She ran it for many years. Today, my husband and I own it. I'd never even heard of that paper until that day. I certainly didn't want it, but it was in God's plan.

God is still working, and speaking, to us today. He may speak through intuition, through a nearly-silent whisper, a thought, or impression, but mostly he speaks through the Word of God, the Bible. "Faith", the Bible says, "comes from by hearing ... and hearing, comes by the Word of God" (Romans 10:17). You see, our time here on earth is an apprenticeship. We are learning to live the life God has for us. We are students. Learners. How is it possible that we find our life by losing it? (Matthew 10:39). It's when we humble ourselves and call on God, that we find real life.

He is a repairer of broken lives. In fact, one reason he came to earth was to heal the brokenhearted (Luke 4:18). He is a protector; a strong tower we can lean on. We are HIS workmanship (Ephesians 2:10). You can trust Him.

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