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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;Behind Door Number 2

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Behind Door Number 2

by Teresa A. LeNeave

Remember those three dreaded doors on The Price is Right? If you remember the TV show you'll remember those three doors and the words that every contestant waited to hear: "Will it be behind Door #1; Door #2; or Door #3?" The contestants were frantically trying to figure out their fate. If they picked the wrong door they could go back home humiliated, without even a consulation prize, but if they picked the right door they could go home a millionaire.

Three doors upped their odds of losing. That's like the odds in real life. Odds are you won't be a millionaire. Odds are you're going to suffer some tough set backs in life. But, let me tell you, you can have a better defense than the unnerving third door that seals your fate.

In Deuteronomy 30:19, God told the Isrealites he was setting TWO doors before them. He said, "It's not too difficult for you or beyond your reach (verse 11). I set before you life and prosperity; death and destruction (verse 15). ... now choose life, so that you and your children may live (verse 19) ...

How easy is that?

You get a 100% chance of a blessed life. Choose God; listen to his voice; hold fast to him. ... for The Lord is your Life. (verse 20 NIV). God doesn't let you be born into this world and expect you to scrap and scrape through life struggling, wishing you knew the way, constantly fighting just to survive.

What he did do is place two doors in every life.

"Okay," he says, "there's always going to be two doors in front of you. You may be required to pass through one of these doors several times a day. Certainly, you'll have the opportunity hundreds of times throughout your life to choose one door or the other. I've made it easy for you. I've named the door so there would be no mistaking the path you're about to embark on. This larger door is called Death and Destruction. There will always be a crowd at that door. Through that wide door you won't have to work too much at life. You'll just float through life without much thought. You'll carry whatever baggage life throws at you. It will become heavy, but you won't mind because it will be your 'norm'. Baggage and troubles will be just your way of life, but you'll struggle through because that's what you've come to expect.

"But, now look over here at the narrow door. I've named this door Life and Blessing. You'll notice there's not a big crowd trying to get through that door. The reason you'll not find a crowd at the narrow door is because it takes some serious work. You'll have to swallow your pride a few times. You'll have to look over things people do that hurt your feelings and plant love anyway. You'll have to INTENTIONALLY choose love over revenge. Joy over temporary happiness. Peace over anger. Long suffering and patience over condemnation. Gentleness over judging. The reason you'll want to make those tough choices up front is because seeds produce a harvest. What you plant comes up. Plant love, joy, peace, gentleness, forgiveness because that's the crop you want to harvest!"

We walk through the big door when we plant seeds of judgment, condemnation, hold resentment, anger and malice in our heart. Or, when we grumbling and are constantly dissatisfied. Or, when our past grievous and painful experiences dictates the thoughts of our present. These are all SEEDS we plant and NEVER FORGET, seeds produce. The sad thing is you don't plant one seed and reap one seed. Has an apple seed ever produced an apple tree with just one apple on it? No. Has a grape seed ever produced a grape vine with just one grape on it? No. A seed is always multiplied when it comes up.

The big door isolates a person in their own pain, but even worse is the fear that wraps it's fingers around your heart. The wide door makes you feel like your isolation from your family, or church, is your protection mechanism. Jesus said HE is our protection; our shelter. When we walk through the big door we're screaming, "I can't trust Jesus so I'm doing it myself!"

The narrow door is so different. In fact, it's so narrow there is no room to carry a bunch of baggage. To get through that narrow door, there is only room for you and love. God called it the door of Life and Blessing. Drop resentment and emotional pain outside the narrow door, pick up love and walk on through. Do the same thing with all the other injuries you've pick up as you journeyed through life.

The difference is this:

On the front side of the wide door you don't have to do much but let life happen to you. On the back side of the wide door it's death and destruction, pain and misery, not only in this life, but in eternal life.

On the front side of the narrow door you'll have to make a lot of tough decisions, some of which may be painful to your human nature. You'll have to exchange condemnation, anger, and jealousy for love. ... But on the back side of the narrow door (after you've made the decision to love and not judge; be patient and not condemn), you'll find life and that more abundantly. Life and blessing is like a beautiful rose garden. There are still thorns there, but healing, happiness and peace reigns there.

Everyday we are all faced with decisions to plant the seed we want to come up in our own life and the lives of our children. Will we walk through Door Number One to harvest life and blessing, or will we walk through Door Number Two and harvest death and destruction? It all comes down to what kind of harvest you want to live with. When you're about to plant a seed by action or word, think. What kind of harvest will this seed produce? What do I want to harvest in my life?

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