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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;Do you want the prize?

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Do you want the prize?

By Teresa A. Leneave

The phone rang. They said it was Publisher's Clearing House telling my sister she won a prize. She had not entered anything so she was not interested in talking to him. After a lengthy conversation, he asked, "Don't you want the prize?" Busy and wanting to get off the phone, she said, "No, I don't". Apparently, her answer wasn't the one he expected. Angry, he cussed her and hung up. 

The call was either a scam attempt or a prank call. Either way, the caller had not intended for her to be the winner. 

There is another prize that someone is giving away and you'll be expected to answer "yes" or "no". Your answer will determine the quality of your life on earth and in the one you enter when you take your last breath.

The Bible is very specific: there is a reward, a prize, for following God. In Genesis 15, God told Abraham, "I'll be your VERY great reward" (NIV). The KJV says "I'll be your EXCEEDING great reward". A very great, or exceeding great reward is better than a plain ole reward. That's what you can expect as a follower of Christ … Not just a casual follower, but one who is really committed to listening, and following, God. 

Abraham believed God and that set a potential for the rest of his life. He believed he was going to receive a VERY GREAT reward.

Do you believe you will receive a very great reward for following Jesus? God's people INTEND to see God work in their lives.

The voice you listen to, and believe, establishes the priority of your life. It's the ultimate lord of your life. If God says there is a reward for believing in Jesus, then we must believe that’s true. I know following Christ is not ALL about reward, but it’s the prize. It’s what you can look forward to and expect to see in your own life, your family, your business, your church. A reward is part of the package for believing. Standing against doubt, suffering for Christ is also part of the package, but can you see, you can get through trials if you believe you receive a very great reward? There is a prize. Do you want it?

It's the best option for life. I heard one preacher say, "I'm not a Christ-follower because I didn't have other options. I'm a Christ-follower because I think it is the VERY BEST option for life."

Do you want the prize? Like Abraham, you may have to defend it. In your journey, you'll cross a lot of intersections of trust and fear. Choose trust. It's the very best option for life because God promises to be your "very great reward".


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