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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;Getting the best deal

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Getting the best deal

By Teresa A. LeNeave

A Picker’s Cash & Carry sale in Wickliffe, this weekend, makes me think about “getting the best deal”. Isn’t that what we all want? We all want the best deal we can get if we are shopping at the mall or buying a new house. No matter what we are doing or what we’re buying we want the best deal. There is something about getting a good deal that gets our hearts racing and our blood pumping. If you don’t believe me, just show up at the mall on Black Friday and see how many people fight for the “bargain of the year”.

That’s all wonderful and fun, but what is really the best deal in life? There is only one thing better than a good deal and that’s something that’s valuable, but free. Well, let me tell you there is something that meets both criteria. It’s the best deal you’ll ever get and that’s salvation. And, it’s free. When you get salvation, you get a lot of extra benefits to go along with it. The Bible said, “He daily LOADS us with benefits. He promised to redeem our life from the pit, to heal our disease, crown us with love and mercy, and even renew our youth like the eagle’s (Psalm 103). That’s a pretty amazing deal when all you have to do is trust in Jesus as your Savior (Romans 10:8-11).

If you know very much about Abraham in the Bible you’ll know that Abraham believed God and that opened up a whole new potential for the rest of his life. In Genesis 15, God told Abraham, “I’ll be your very great reward (NIV); in the KJV it says, “He’ll be your EXCEEDING great reward”. Either way, it sounds like he was getting the best deal.

It’s the BEST option for your life. I heard one preacher say, “I’m not a Christ-follower because I didn’t have other options. I’m a Christ-follower because I think it is the VERY BEST option for life.”

Serving Christ is just a better way to live a life. It’s not all roses, but even the thorns aren’t as hard to deal with when you have a Savior who cares about you.

A great find in the Bible is the story of Apostle Peter who found himself in prison for preaching Christ. It was to be his last night on earth. The doors of the prison slammed shut and guards were placed outside the cell to keep him from escaping. But, to his great surprise, he was awakened in the night by an angel and the doors “opened on their own accord” (that was before automatic doors like we have today), and Peter walked away a free man.

As a new believer, you can experience the same freedom. The prison doors of sin no longer have power to restrain you. You change kingdoms. You’re no longer in the kingdom of darkness, but you’re in the Kingdom of Light (Colossians 1:13). His Word is a Lamp to your feet and a Light to your path (Psalm 119: 105). Doesn’t that sound like the best deal you can get?

Of course, accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is just the beginning. After the born again experience, you’ll find that your priorities change. When your kingdom changes, your priorities change. One of the first things you want to do is tell your good news. When we find a “really good deal” we want to tell all our friends about it. There is no way we can keep good news like that to ourselves! Salvation is the very same way. It’s like your favorite vacation spot: you want to tell people about it. It’s like your little baby: you want to tell people about all the cute things your baby does.

We assume everyone wants to hear those things so why don’t we assume everyone wants to hear about the benefits of serving Jesus?

If you’ve given your life to Jesus, tell it. It’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten and it’s the one that will also be the best deal for your friends.


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