Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave; God, alone, gives relief from "The Code"

Teresa A. LeNeave

Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave; God, alone, gives relief from "The Code" | victorious living,ballard county,advance yeoman,west ky news,livingston ledger,A lifeline at the right time makes all the difference

God, alone, gives relief from "The Code"

By Teresa LeNeave

There seems to be an unspoken code for being a mom. Moms are expected to know how to fix everything from a skinned knee to a broken heart. She is expected to know how to heal the family's emotional issues, their health problems and financial woes. The truth is, we burden ourselves with those expectations, but more importantly, like I just mentioned, it's just the "code of motherhood". Everybody expects it from a mom.

Every child and every husband expects mom to be "the glue that holds the world together". Even in times when a mom doesn't meet the expectation, it doesn't change the code.

This can be very a serious issue for moms because even moms need wise advice, encouragement, and a helping hand. Where do they get the encouragement they need?

Most women don't think they know it all, but most of us think that we should know it all. We feel we should have everything under control in our homes. Everyone has heard the slogan "the hands that rock the cradle, rules the world". With that kind of expectation placed on moms we tend to try to fulfill the prophecy. Keeping our families together is of upmost importance to us. And, it certainly should be.

But, let me assure you, it's liberating to know we are not perfect. We realize that when we face, and deal with, brokenness in our own lives, we need a Helper. Life's not always good. Things happen that upset the apple cart. In those times, it's the wisdom of God, friends, and other mothers around us that keep us on the path of sanity.

Admitting things are not always perfect is humbling and that one little statement helps us run to the only one who can really help; the only one who can step up to the plate when we need it. I'm talking about the one Helper who can really make a difference.

No pressure. Just love. In Psalms 103:1-5 there is a promise that we can always run to in times of need. In those verses, David found himself speaking to his own soul. Moms, you can do the same thing. I can imagine King David talking to his own soul, and saying, "Don't be discouraged. Don't be unthankful. Do be thankful. Do confess what God does for you. Bless the Lord for all His benefits". And then, he lists six specific benefits of the one man who can make a difference.

Number One: The Lord forgives all thine iniquities. (He sets you up for success right off the bat).
2. He heals all thy diseases.
3. He redeems thy life from destruction.
4. He crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies.
5. He satisfies your mouth with good things
6. ... So that your youth can be renewed like the eagle's.

Say to your own soul: "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name." By doing that, we won't forget his goodness and we realize our goodness ... and the times we come short of any goodness, are really in his hands. If we invite God into our homes, he'll be the deliverer every time.