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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;God and the Glasses

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God and the Glasses

By Teresa LeNeave

Ever bought anything that you just hated to give up? I once bought a pair of reader glasses at a consignment store for $8. Of course, I knew they were used, but I didn't care because I thought they were the cutest glasses I'd ever seen and besides that they were very light weight and cost only $8. I thought that was a great bargain. As strange as it seems, I loved those glasses. In spite of the fact that I had several other readers around the house, I used those every day and they eventually broke. Since I loved using them, I decided to glue them back together with superglue

The superglue didn't last long and they broke again, only this time a chunk broke out of the frame. Not to be defeated, I made a concoction of epoxy glue mixed with food coloring to match the frame of the glasses. The epoxy was thick enough to fake the semblance of a frame. It didn't look perfect, but they were together and I could use them again.

The epoxy frame lasted about three months and they broke again. I was so disappointed. I wore them probably another two weeks with a broken frame. You see, not only were they cute but I could see to read, really well, with them. I was not happy about throwing those glasses in the trash. By now, things had gotten bad enough that I had no choice but to get rid of them.

The reason I am telling the glasses story is to make a point about the goodness of God that is often just in front of our nose and we don't even know it.

The story of the glasses, continues. It's been a year now since I threw those "special" readers in the trash.

On Saturday, I happened to go to a flea market just 10 minutes from my house. Guess what I saw? You guessed it. The very same glasses! I was so excited. I would have paid $20 for those glasses, but when I looked up and saw a sign with the price I couldn't believe my eyes. Those glasses, exactly like the ones I fretted over for a year, was there on display for just $1.99, brand new. Never used.

These glasses were not on sale. The regular price is less than $2. And, they didn't have just one pair. They had a whole box; they came in three different colors; and each pair of glasses had their own little case to match the glasses. I picked up two pairs thinking I had found the bargain of a lifetime. It wasn't just a coincidence that I happened to go there when they had them in stock. I found they keep them all the time!

It wasn't until I got home that I realized how foolish people can be. (Myself in particular). For a year I had tried to salvage those glasses, when all the time, within 10 miles from my house there was an entire bin of them, brand new, for just $1.99.

I thought about how we are often blinded by our own foolishness, when all the time, God's blessings are right there in front of us. We overlook the blessing and learn to accept the struggle. I had struggled with those cheap $8 glasses for over a year when all the time I could have repurchased them for less than two dollars.

The truth is, I didn't know they were there or I would not have wasted all my time trying to repair the broken ones. What we don't know about God can hurt us. We need to know he is a good and loving God. He wants to provide for you. He finds pleasure in blessing his children just like you find pleasure in blessing your own children. Read Hebrews 11:6.

We hold on to so many things that don't matter one bit. We'll hold on to fear. To anger. To resentment. To a don't-care-attitude. To possessions. To abusive life styles. To habits that destroy. Why? Why do we do that?

What matters is where we stand with God. What matters is the decisions we make for eternity. I fooled with those broken glasses for a year. I wasted no tell how much time trying to fix them, when all the time, what I needed was 10 minutes away from my house.

So it is with God. Everything we need is in his Word. You just have to know it's there. Like those glasses that I thought were so important, you may have lost something important to you. Maybe a spouse. Maybe a job. Maybe a child or grandchild.

God has a provision that you cannot see. He has a provision that is prepared for you. He has just what you need, but it may be hidden in a rock.

Psalm 105:41

He opened the rock, and water gushed out; like a river it flowed in the desert (NIV).

When the children of Israel wandered forty years in the wilderness, in a dry and barren land where water was almost non-existent, God provided water for them in abundance. He provided it in a most unlikely place. He provided it out of a rock.

It's often that way in our lives, in a time of barrenness when provision seems so far away, God is still there. He's our rock. When we remember God and approach Him in faith and obedience, the rock becomes the source of our provision. Instead of struggling like I did with those glasses, just put your faith in God, the answer may be just within your reach. Never give up. Never slow down.

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