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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;Good news: God sees through muddy water

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Good news: God sees through muddy water

by Teresa LeNeave

Growing up we lived on a farm with a pond that was so muddy that the hairs on our legs would be coated with mud after swimming. Looking back, I can remember how we loved that old muddy pond. It was our fishing hole, and our swimming pool.

I remember some of our cousins from Florida visiting and we took them swimming. They had more body hair than we did and it looked like they were werewolves when they pulled themselves from the water into the boat. I'll never forget the look on their face when they saw the mud clinging to the hairs of their legs. Those cousins lived on a clear lake in Florida and had probably never seen, much less been in, a muddy pond.

The worse thing about that muddy pond was the cows. It was always muddy, but when those cows got to stomping around in the water it was twice as bad and I hated being in there with the cows. I can still see the mud swirling in the water.

Life is something like that, too. There are times when you go through life and everything seems to be just fine. It may be a little muddy, but at least you can see your way around. Then Bam! Something hits you hard and it always comes at the absolute most inconvenient time.

Are you in the middle of a struggle like that? Has the season put extra pressure on you? Are you wishing you felt a little more loved? Is the water muddier than normal? What has stepped into the water and stirred it up?

I have good news for you. God loves you. God is trustworthy. He is your shelter. In the valley he restores your soul. Muddy water doesn't bother God. He can see right through the mud and the sludge and he is prepared to rescue you. Don't let the muddy water upset you. It washes off with clean water! The Bible says, "We are clean through the washing of the water of the Word" (Eph 5:26).

The water may be a little muddy right now. You may be covered with mud and you may not see how you'll get out, but you can and you will.

The more clean water you pour into muddy water, the cleaner, and clearer, it becomes. The good news is that God loves you. Trust me, he can see right through muddy water.

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