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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;How important is it to honor your parents?

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How important is it to honor your parents?

By Teresa LeNeave

Look around you. What do you see at home, in society, and even in your own life? Think about the people you personally know who dishonor their parents. What follows them? More honor from their own children or grandchildren? Or, less?

Honor is something that's taught, but it's also caught. If our children see us dishonoring our parents, tell me, what will our children also do? Not only will they dishonor their grandparents, but they will dishonor you.

Maybe you don't think your parent "deserves" honor because they've mistreated you so badly. And, we know that is true, sometimes. Some parents are bad parents. On the other hand, there are ways to handle that. One may be to distance yourself from the abusive situation. Another may be counseling for both parties. Of course, that only works when both people agree they want to work the situation out.

In all cases, blantant disrespect is something God warns against.

Remember the Bible story about Noah being drunk. It had taken him 120 years to build the ark. Finally he got all those animals, and his little family, on board then the flood started.

When you think about him getting drunk, just remember, he had recently gotten off the ark after 190 days with every kind of animal ... And you know how noisy animals are! Somebody had to feed all those animals, clean up their waste, and deal with the cramped quarters and noise all the same time. With only eight people on the ark to help out, they had to be busy all the time, which leads to a very stressful situation. Immediately after the flood receded, following a family meeting with God, Noah started his new life as a farmer. Genesis 9:21.

Maybe he was just testing his wine, but whatever the reason, he drank too much and became drunk. His son, Ham, found his dad, drunk and naked. In stead of respecting his father's honor, Ham goes out and talks about his dad's condition to his two brothers.

Shem and Japheth, didn't think it was so funny and their first response was "honor". They took a blanket, walked backward so they wouldn't have to look at their father's naked body, and covered him with a blanket. When Noah awoke and found out what happened he spoke a blessing on his two sons who honored him, but Ham and his descendants would have trouble for the rest of their lives.

We may not find ourselves in a situation like Ham did, but everyday we have a choice to speak honorably to, and about, our parents. When you're mad and hollering, who are you really hollering at? Scripture says to do EVERYTHING as if we were doing it to the Lord. We are all guilty of NOT doing that, but at least we can try to remember this is a world of sowing and reaping. We can't dishonor our parent and think we will be honored. It just won't happen. Do you want respect and honor? Then, sow what you want to come up in your own life and the lives of your children.

Honor is not letting them control you as some parents want to do, but it is talking respectful to them, and honorably about them.

So, how important is it to honor your parent? It's a question each individual has to settle within themselves. What do you want to follow you? That's the question you must answer.

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