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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;I didn't have to ask for it

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I didn't have to ask for it

An ice storm had been predicted. We were told to expect three-quarter inch ice, which would be covered with four inches of snow by morning.

Most of our area would be crippled. People couldn't get to work, which drove business owners to scramble for employees just to keep the doors open. Corporate businesses, just like local mom and pop businesses would lose money because the consumers would stay home for at least two days.

Even worse, people who couldn't afford to stay home, or those in health care whose jobs demanded they risk their lives for their jobs, would have to do whatever it took to get to work despite the dangerous roads. 

That's where this story begins. 

Snow, ice and hills do not mix. In fact, mixed together, they become extremely dangerous.

But, let me tell you, something wonderful can happen right in the middle of this kind of weather. We all know, there's no season more primed for "random acts of kindness" than the Christmas season, but how blessed we are to have people living around us who "think" about helping others "just because they see a need" and they reach out to meet that need?

I know someone who recently experienced the touch of a "random act of kindness" and if she's told one person, she's told twenty. That's how good news travels. Word of mouth is God's best advertisement. This girl was a victim of the snow, ice, and hill mix and she lost. She ended up with a brand new vehicle in the ditch.

Her husband and her dad had tried, unsuccessfully, to pull her SUV out. It sat there for two days and then on the third day two men and two trucks showed up to rescue her stranded vehicle from the clutches of the ice. 

"What meant so much to me," she said, "is that I didn't have to ask for their help. They just showed up and said they were going to get it out. I can't tell you how good that made me feel. I'll never forget what they did because I'm not used to people helping me." 

What a great blessing she received. And, do you know what will come of just that one act of kindness? In the future, every time she does something good for someone else she will remember the great feeling she felt when two men did something for her that she couldn't do for herself. And, she will pass the blessing forward. 

That's what the love of God is all about. It’s easy for us to put time and effort into tasks that we’re doing for ourselves or for tasks that we're getting paid to do. But what about doing work for others when we aren’t getting paid for it?

The great thing is, there are a thousand ways you can help others for free. You don't have to have money to be a blessing. You may not be able to pay an electric bill for someone who's struggling, but what can you do that's free that will help them? What can you do that costs you nothing but time and talent? 

Maybe you have a gift for fixing cars. Maybe you are handy when it comes to repairs. Maybe you have a tractor and blade and you know an older couple who needs the snow scraped from their driveway. Maybe you're a good cook and you can make a pot of stew for someone "just because". Maybe ... Maybe ... Maybe ... You fill in the blanks. There are a thousand ways to help others for free. 

Find something you are good at and make a personal commitment to use your talent to help at least one person every month or every week if you have the time. Do it just because you see a need and you're able to meet it. Surprise someone by not charging them at least one time. They will never forget your kindness. 

Just like this young woman's experience in getting help she didn't have to ask for, you too, can be a great blessing. By practicing "random acts of kindness" we learn how to re-prioritize our lives around doing things that pleases the Father.

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