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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;Look UP!

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Look UP!

Everyone from Hollywood to the smallest church in America believes in an end-time event. We see it in the movies; we hear it on the news; and it’s preached in our churches. Matthew 24:7 says nation shall rise against nation and there will be hunger, troubles and earthquakes in many different places. When has the world experienced so many disasters, so many questions and economic woes and so much division?

Jesus said when these things happen: LOOK UP, lift up your heads; your redemptions draws near (Luke 21:28). He also said ‘right in the midst’ of troublesome times – look up – get your eyes off your problems and the problems around you!

What happens when we look up? When we look up we begin to see the world, not through eyes that wander, but through eyes that LOOK for something better. He didn’t say, “Look down, look around or look to the left or right.” He said, “Look up”.

In Proverbs God said, “Don’t look to the left or the right.” In Psalms David said, “O Lord, in the morning I WILL direct (my voice) to you, and I WILL LOOK UP” (Ps. 5:3). In Psalms 121 he said, “I will lift UP my eyes to the hills from whence comes my help! My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”

When circumstances are hard and trouble is all around, don’t look around. Don’t focus on the problem, but look up – that’s where our help comes from. When you say, “So and so is down”, what are you really saying? You’re saying they are depressed. That they feel defeated. That they need to be lifted up. Hence, when we’re tempted to look down, look up! Depression is down and encouragement is up.

When we look up we see more light; we see more possibilities; we see the vastness of the creation God created. He did it for you. When we look UP things look brighter and we realize God is the one who can, and will, intervene when we trust Him for our victory.

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