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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave; Nurture Curiosity

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Nurture Curiosity

By Teresa LeNeave

What would life be like if adults never lost the wonder and curiosity of childhood? Even before a child can speak they are curious. They want their little fingers in everything. Even more amazing, if they can curl their fingers around it, they seem compelled to taste it.

Experts say by the time they are six years old, a child has learned a third of what they'll learn for the rest of their life. Imagine starting at zero and processing all the information required to live for the remainder of life as they begin to crawl, walk, speak, read and learn social skills.

From the time our children can speak that are full of questions. On Mother's Day, our pastor asked the mothers to stand and tell the congregation what being a mother meant to them. Most said being a mother was a great honor. And, it is.

After thinking about his question, I thought about how rewarding it is to watch a child bloom. Blooming is no more evident than when they begin to ask questions. They want to know everything from why zebras have stripes to how mommy's new baby is growing in her stomach.

As children experience the world around them, they are desperate to know more; and more and more. In fact, most moms tire of explaining, "Why". I wonder if we squelch their curiosity when we don't take the time to completely answer their questions? Or, when we have tired of their questions and tell to stop talking?

Could that be why most adults have lost that intense inquisitive nature?

I want my children to always wonder. I want them to experience challenges and adventure. I hope they never become complacent and satisfied to just live, breathe and work.

I think a mother's job includes nurturing curiosity. I want them to see how big and beautiful the world is. I want them to experience life. But most importantly, I want them to see how God created everything ... how He spoke into being a wonderful, living, constantly changing, magnificent color-filled world for us to live in.

I want them to see God's design is woven into everything.

Everything in creation points to God. Even a growing and expanding planet tells me He's above it all. Being a mom is so much more than raising a child. It's nurturing their curiosity. It's opening up an avenue of adventure that leads them forward from birth to death. It's teaching them to have a heart for God.

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