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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;"Sorry, God, next time I will trust you"

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"Sorry, God, next time I will trust you"

By Teresa A. LeNeave

It is amazing how God uses everyday occurrences to reveal his nature. An example is when my six-year-old granddaughter got a deep splinter on the end of her big toe. She wanted it out, but she was so afraid of the pain that she wouldn't let anyone touch her toe. We decided to wait until the next day and get it out hoping she would be a little calmer. The next day was no better. In fact, it was worse. She wanted it out; she asked several different people to get it out, but when they attempted she was livid with fear. Eventually, we had to literally hold her down and get it out. The point of the story is this: when we finished the procedure of splinter-removal, immediately she sat up and said, "That just barely hurt."

Then, with a great big grin she said, "Sorry, guys. Next time I will trust you."

Immediately, I thought of the times we fail to trust God and when we finally are forced to trust Him, we are amazed at how he was working in our behalf all the time.

You see, trust is letting someone else take the reins. It's knowing we don't have to have our spoon in the pot to mix the soup right.

When we are afraid of the experience - when we fear the experience, we imagine the worse just like my granddaughter did when she got a splinter in her toe. Just like Laurna experienced, most of our fear is simply non-trust. We can't imagine God will really take good care of us.

In Proverbs we read a statement from God where He said, "Whosoever hearkens unto me (listens and does my Word) shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil."

God wants good for you. Trust Him.

Remembering back, I think of Laurna's imagined fear. It was simply that - IMAGINED. I also remember she was quick to repent. Immediately, she said, "Sorry, guys. Next time I will trust you." Coming from a six-year-old, that is an insightful statement. When we fail to trust God we need to be just as quick to repent and say, "Sorry, God. Next time I will trust you."

Every experience and every battle brings us closer to complete trust. Don't fear the experience. The secret is to listen and obey God's Word and then we shall be "quiet from fear of evil".

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