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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;When you stand before God can you say: I showed up

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When you stand before God can you say: I showed up

By Teresa LeNeave

Just how important is showing up? Actually, it's pretty important, but a lot of people don't seem to think it is. While anyone can do it, a lot of people just won't. We all know, showing up is easy to do, but it's just as easy not to. Because it's so easy to "not show up", a lot of people just don't.

Most of us do pretty much the same thing every day. We get up at the same time, we do the same thing at work, day after day; we watch the same television shows, eat at the same restaurants and go to bed at the same time. We are creatures of habit. Showing up is a habit; not showing up is also a habit.

Here is a simple fact: changing just a few simple things can make a big difference in our happiness.

In Psalms, David said, "Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom" (Psalm 90:12). The apostle James echoed this when he wrote, our life is like a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes (James 4:14). That's why showing up is so important. Showing up at church; at work; for family gatherings; for weddings; for birthdays.

All the times we "show up" helps leave our mark on earth after we're gone. It would be sad to die and no one miss you because you never "showed up".

In relationships, showing up is half the battle. There is not a big span between happiness and loneliness, but we think there is. Just a few simple changes can make you either happy or sad. What we do matters. The Bible says, to have friends, show yourself friendly. You can't build relationships without showing up. Life is very short. In fact, it barely registers on eternity's radar screen so living it alone is not good. You don't have to have a mate to interact. Volunteer. Be of value to someone, anyone; and you'll be of value to yourself.

In a job, showing up is half the battle. Going to work late, or not at all, will not win anyone a raise. When evaluating performance, showing up matters a whole lot. I'm pretty sure promotion never finds its way into the life of a person who has a problem showing up.

In a church setting, showing up is half the battle. When the preacher shows up, but half the congregation doesn't, what does that tell you about priorities? We all have responsibilities and pressures that scream for our attention. It's too easy to get swallowed up in things that don't matter nearly as much as faithful church attendance. Things that have eternal value, too often, gets put on the back burner. We should live our Christian life as if it REALLY MATTERS. If Christians were rated on a one-to-five star ratio (like hotels, resorts and restaurants), how many stars would you get?

In marriage, showing up is half the battle. We want, and need, time with each other. Experts say most marriage problems stem from lack of communication. Who is showing up for "talk time" with their spouse and kids? If we curb our conversations long enough, they will just go away. You'll no longer have anything to talk about.

Show up. That's half the battle. Show up at home, at work, at church, in relationships and maybe most of all, with your children. They will soon be gone and the time you "showed up" will be your most precious memories.

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