Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;When you stand before God can you say: I showed up

Teresa A. LeNeave

Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;When you stand before God can you say: I showed up | victorious living,ballard county,advance yeoman,west ky news,livingston ledger,A lifeline at the right time makes all the difference

"God's big" takes care of "our big"

By Teresa LeNeave

Nothing is so humbling as to realize how "our big" and "God's big" differs.

Our big is losing a job or having a wreck where someone is hurt or dies. Our big is families that don't get along or a disease that the doctors say we can't be cured of. Our big is feeling intimidated by people we imagine to be more influential or powerful. Our big is a church problem or family problem. Our big is not being able to pay a bill or having a child in jail.

God's big is holding the stars, sun and moon in the sky; making sure they shine on time, every time. God's big is the miracle of childbirth. God's big is the incredible mountain and rock formations he has created for our pleasure. God's big is telling the ocean it can go just so far. God's big is a universe that spans from our galaxy to trillion of light years away, and within it is billions of mysteries that only God knows.

God's big is sending the Holy Spirit to lead and guide billions and billions of people all at the same time. To me, that is amazing.

When I think of God's big, mine seem so small.

I'm reminded of the AOII sorority my granddaughter is in at college. Sydney said, "When a freshman girl joins AOII, she has a "Big" and she is the "Little"."

At first, I thought that was so odd, but after hearing Sydney talk I realized how important a "big" and a "little" can be in all our lives. She said, "In both roles, you learn how to make good choices. If you let it, you learn how to be a better version of yourself."

Isn't that what the Holy Spirit does for us, "if we let him"? He helps us be a better version of our self. I know it's a little strange to relate a sorority "Big" and "Little" to God, but He is so much like that. We are the "Little" that the "Big" watches over, protects and takes care of.

She said, "Coming in as a new member of the sorority, you are given a Big. The Big is actually like a big sister who plays the role of a mentor to help guide you through your college years. As a 'Little', I didn't know anything about college life. I needed someone to give me school-wise advice, and help me make good choices. My "Big" did all of that and more. In my situation, as a "Big and Little" pair, we have built a friendship that has gone beyond sorority. She has moved past AOII to bigger things, and now, I am no longer a "Little". I have taken the role of becoming a "Big" to someone else.

"Becoming a "Big" has shown me that we need to become more selfless and focus on making the experience, for our "Little", as great as possible. As a "Big", I am here to help teach her how the sorority works; what life at college is like; give her tips to help her and building a friendship along the way. I am here for her when she needs me."

Imagine God as your "Big".

He is there to help in every situation no matter how bleak and daunting life seems. He is selfless. He focuses on giving benefit after benefit. Everything He does is to make life better for us. In fact, the Bible says He "Daily loads us with benefits".

I want Him to be the "Big" in my life, because too many times, I don't know what to do. He does. I'm the "little". He is the "big". Why should I worry when my problems are like a grain of sand to him and yet he cares as much as I do about the outcome? When our problems seem too big, He's the "Big" who knows just what to do.