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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;Where are you getting your sea legs?

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Where are you getting your sea legs?

By Teresa A. LeNeave

He had a lot of problems. He was too young and he was too small. He had no formal education and was a little unsophisticated. He had no training in managing an army. He worked in the field most of his life so it's doubtful that he knew the lay of the land or the territory outside of his farm. He had no leadership training or financial backing. In fact, he probably didn't know a lot about finances, or how to manage them. He wasn't the first-born. None of his family considered him a candidate or any kind of high position.

At one point in his life, he had a problem with lust and at times he had a problem with violence and anger. He was no stranger to loneliness and a few times, depression even knocked on his door.

With all those negatives, what qualified him to be king?

With all the things that appeared to be against him, he didn't see himself that way. When confronted with sin, he repented; when down and lonely, he always ran to God. He loved the house of the Lord and was glad when it was time to go to the temple. He had a heart that didn't need to be changed (like Saul had before he became king); he had a heart to follow God.

How does a young man who had no formal training or financial backing rise to the top and replace a tall, powerful, elegant king like Saul?

As David grew up, there are a few things that began to take place in his life. He won a few personal battles with a lion and a bear. Later, he kills Goliath, the giant everyone else is afraid of. Even then, he did not become king. It was many years later that David actually became king.

In the meantime, he faithfully served the current King in office. I heard someone say, "He served the king to prepare him to serve as king." When Saul couldn't sleep at night, David was summoned to play the harp to calm him down. When he needed an armor bearer, guess who got the job? Faithful little David.

God chose David, not for his influence, his wealth or his ability to lead an army. He chose him because of his character. His heart. No matter how many problems Saul had; no matter how arrogant or hard it was to get along with the paranoid king, David always showed him honor.

David got his sea legs sitting under the thumb of Saul. Perhaps he learned what to do and what not to do while observing Saul. Perhaps he learned what worked and what didn't work while bearing the armor for Saul. One thing is certain, David had a heart to follow God and he was a man of integrity. He always honored the paranoid king who ruled over the land.

He didn't see himself as a little weak shepherd boy from Bethlehem. He was faithful, honorable, hard-working, patient, a worshipper of God and a man of his word. When he told his friend, Jonathan, he would always honor him, he didn't forget his promise. Years later, he intentionally looked for any of Jonathan's family that might still be alive. Just one son of Jonathan remained in the land and he was crippled. "Go get him," David instructed and then added, "For the rest of his life he will sit at the kings table." He was a man of honor.

So what qualified David to be king? It was the Spirit of the Lord, which took a heart for God and turned it into the heart of a king. One of David's greatest character traits was that whatever David did, he did with all of his heart." He always gave his best.

You may feel unqualified and intimidated concerning the call on your life, but walk with confidence in the God who created the heaven and the earth. Be honorable. Be faithful. Give your best as you get your sea legs. Don't slack or become lazy. Give your best wherever you are. Before long, like David, you'll be called from the shepherd's field. Be faithful where you are until another door opens.

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