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Seeking His Presence by Teresa A. LeNeave;Who knows what your prayers will accomplish

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Who knows what your prayers will accomplish

Someone’s destiny may lay in your hands. We know our lives bear the unmistakable imprint of people who pray for us. We also know prayer for your loved ones can change things. James 5:16 says, “The effective, fervent (red-hot meaningful) prayer, of a righteous man avails much.” Most of the effective, fervent prayers that have been prayed for me have come from my mother and father. Because of their faithful consistent prayers, I believe, I am where I am today.

That’s not to say that other family members and my church family haven’t prayed effective prayers or fervent prayers, but the love of a parent puts a little extra thrust in prayer. I know my life is stable and blessed because of my parents prayers.

My life has been filled with prayer. Many, many times as a child, I remember coming in the house from playing outside and hearing my mother in the bedroom praying those fervent, red hot prayers, and we knew she was touching God for a need. At night when our father came home it was the common practice in our home to have nightly prayer and Bible study (against our will most of the time). In spite of six kid’s resistance, our parents continued prayer and Bible study in our home until we were married and moved out of the house. After all six of us kids were married, it continued with just my mom and dad because it was weaved into their life and had proved to be a successful way to live.

Prayer works and I’ve seen the effects of it all my life. I encourage you to pursue the life-changing practice of prayer for your family and friends.

I recently read a very old book, written by Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho, Solving Life’s Problem’s. In the book he recounts a story of a man whose family suffered greatly because of the father’s severe drug addiction. His nephew was the president of a leading medical college in Korea, and had tried everything to cure his uncle’s addiction. At his wits end, he encouraged his uncle to change his habit from drugs to alcohol, thinking that would help. That advice proved to make matters worse. Every penny the man got was used on alcohol, and his 10 kids who shined shoes just to eat, was often robbed of their money just so he could buy more alcohol. They lived in a shack with no furniture and most days, barely anything to eat.

Dr. Cho and his mother-in-law began an intense prayer war against the battle the family faced every second of every day. He said, “We knew the grace of Jesus Christ could change his desires and personality.” It took a few months, but one morning Dr. Cho got up early (as was his custom) and began praying for the man again. God told him the man was healed. The man never touched a drop of alcohol or drugs from that day until his death. He even ended up as a leader in Dr. Cho’s church.

Who has prayed for you at key times in your life? Whose intercession has made a significant impact in you? Maybe no one has, but that is even more reason for you to pray for someone else. You may not realize the huge difference your intercession can make in another person’s life, but I encourage you to begin (or continue) the practice and you will see positive results. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. What he did for Dr. Cho’s friend he will do for you.

Who knows what your prayers will accomplish.


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