Shelter during the storm

Jason Paul, KPI Staff

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Shelter during the storm

La Center – Sunday’s severe weather surely had the entire county on alert, but for one Joppa Landing Road resident, the weather became a close call very quickly.

Josephine Taylor was in her front bedroom taking a nap when the storm hit. She then did the only thing she could do; she headed for the closet. But her four, scared dogs did not want to get in with her.

She said she then heard the thunder and something hit her roof. What hit her roof turned out to be a branch from a nearby tree. The branch had poked a hole in her roof on the backside of her house.

Other damage to Taylor’s home included damage caused by strong winds that snapped one of Taylor’s several tall pine trees in half. The top half ended up lying up against the side of her house.

Taylor said it could have been worse; the treetop could have broken into the side of her house. She said that she temporarily lost power and that she was having some trouble with her dish after the storm had passed. Shortly after the storm had made its way through the area, two Kentucky Utilities trucks showed up to assess the electrical lines just as the sun was going down.

Taylor was certainly right; it really could have been worse. Emergency Management Director Travis Holder had known all to well that it could have been worse; he had worked diligently the days prior to the storm in anticipation of severe weather. Holder spent time contacting area churches to ask them to open up their buildings as a safe place in case of severe weather.

Some churches in the area were: Kevil Methodist, St Mary’s in La Center, Faith Baptist, Oscar Methodist, Oscar Baptist, Faith Baptist in Wickliffe and the Bandana Storm Shelter. Holder encouraged churches to have a plan since the storm was likely to make its way through the area during the time when churches may be holding services. Holder also posted information on Facebook; so county residents would know where to go to seek shelter during the storm.

Holder said the damage could have been a lot worse, and he was glad the area did not receive more damage.